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The last words of the martyrs

«I chose to say with my own body what the Arab leaders could not say. My body is a case of gunpowder that blows up enemies. To the Arab leaders who are watching, I say WAKE UP. Do your duty. It is shameful that Arab soldiers remain asleep while the daughters of Palestine fight. While they go towards their deaths». These are the last words of Ayat Akhras, taken from the traditional video-heading of the 16-year-old human-bomb, born and raised in the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem. It was recorded before being blown up in the name of the Alqsa Martyrs Brigades on 29 March 2002 in a supermarket on the outskirts of West Jerusalem.  Ayat's mother says: «My little star was tender. She was very sweet. She was also always happy. And she was smart. She was one of the best at school. She never felt discouraged. She believed in the one God, Allah, like all of us. But she was modern. Only in public she used to cover her hair with the veil. Just like God wants. But she didn't wear the Jilbab . I didn't know about her contacts with the armed activists. If I'd known, I'd have locked her in the house. And we didn't even know that she had joined the Alqsa Brigades. But here everyone is fighting for our land. Oh, my daughter actually always had an interest in politics. And she cried a lot when she heard about Palestinians being killed by Israeli soldiers. But she was leading a normal life. She loved to study. She was in her high school and always said obsessively that she wanted to continue her studies. She dreamed of becoming a nurse or a journalist».
Another testimony is that of Reem al Rayashi:«Yes, yes, since I was 13 I've dreamed of becoming a martyr and dying for my people», says 20-year-old Reem at Rayashi in her video-heading. «I've always wanted to turn myself into mortal splinters against the Zionists and knock on the doors of Heaven with their skulls. I've always wanted to be the first woman to sacrifice herself in the name of Allah. And my joy will be complete when the parts of my body fly everywhere». Reem was hired by Hamas because she was an adulteress. And leaving her husband for another had stained herself with an unforgivable guilt for Islam. Only by martyrdom she could have regained her honour. On 14 January 2004 she exploded, killing 5 people and injuring 12. 
«With this action I have decided to send the occupants the message that there is no security for the Jews on our land. To attack, according to God's will, the arrogants of the damn checkpoint and kill them». These are the words that the woman-lama left written in her spiritual will in a letter to her family. While in a second letter she asks her classmates not to forget at all to grow up, to educate their children in love with the Jihad. «Pray, pray, pray», concludes the text, «so that God will not fail to accept me as a martyr. Fight for the freedom of your country».
Imane and Sanae, 14-year-old Moroccan twins who were born together, decide to die together. And it is by martyrdom that they want to interrupt the life spent on the margins of society, to redeem the miserable existence with a striking gesture. As a kamikaze. «Because they have been too much fascinated by the attack of September 11th in the USA», say friends and acquaintances. Theirs is the classic profile typical of women-bombing: psychological graft poured into a mix of indoctrination and desire to clean up their image. In the neighborhood they are considered prostitutes, women who are now lost. To get by, they make do as they can. They ask for alms, they offer themselves. They don't have any real family behind them. 
di Noemi Genova